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April 2014
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2011 Sportsmans’ Approved
Michael Deming

Stewart Frasier and Itcha Mountain Outfitters is one of the best bear operations I have ever experienced.   I have harvested 29 black bears with many different operations around North America and this operation rises to the top when it comes to bears.  I love archery hunting and spot and stalk tactics and Stewart and his team of professionals are absolutely the best I have ever seen at getting you in front of bears and lots of them.   This color phased bear is one of many that we saw and was my target for my 29th bear.  We had a total of 7 people in camp during the 2 weeks that I was on this trip and 6 out of 7 harvested 7 foot bears and my color phase bear was the smallest at 6 foot, but with one of the best coats I have ever seen.

Michael Deming

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2010 Jenna Gerber, PA, USA, 7 Foot Monster Black Bear

2010 Hunt of a Lifetime
Jenna Gerber

Stewart, Sabrina, Morgan and Pappa
Thank you so much for the wonderful week you had me up.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  The food was wonderful (even the stuff I made) and the company was even better!  Thank you so much for letting me get the bear I have always dreamed of!  I also enjoyed  the horseback riding and fishing.  You will all be cherished the rest of my life.  You  have no idea how much all of this means to me.  Thank you all for putting up with me again and for making such a positive impact on so many other children who come through Hunt of a Lifetime.

Much Love,
Jenna Gerber

2009 Rod Gunderson, Wa, Moose

2009 Moose Hunt
Rodney Gunderson

In January 2009 I booked a rut bull moose hunt with Itcha Mountain Outfitters at the Puyallup Sportsman Show.
I had talked to other outfitters and had almost committed to hunt with one when I stopped at Itcha Mountain’s booth.  The other outfitters hunted out of boats or argos and ATVs.  Stewart and Sabrina Fraser offered a horseback hunt in the wilderness beyond the roads and ATVs.  I was hooked and I signed up on the spot.
In September 2009 the hunt was on.  The camp though primitive (as expected) was clean and well run.  I was very comfortable, the meals were good home cooked and ready whatever time we came in from hunting.
Our guide was friendly, professional and knowledgeable of game , particularly moose in this area.  He knew the lay of the land and gave 100% each day to finding us a moose.  On the third day of the hunt the other hunter with me got a nice 38” bull and on the fifth day I got a nice 44” bull.
My butcher and taxidermist both commented on how professionally the meat, cape and antlers were cared for by Stewart and his guides.  I had a great time, made some good friends and to top it off, got a moose too.
The hunt was as advertised and I will be booking with Itcha Mountain Outfitters again in the future!  If you are considering a hunt with Itcha Mountain Outfitters, feel free  to call me at (253) 847-0889 and I would be glad to share my experiences.

Rodney Gunderson

Itcha Mountain Outfitter
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