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April 2014
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Spring Hunts


Spring black bear hunts take place in May & June and the weather can range from 32 degrees to 80 degrees from 1 day to the next and it can rain, snow, sleet and be very sunny and hot all in the same day. Hunters must be prepared for almost anything. Most of the bear hunts are done out of a 4×4 suburban so you will always be comfortable & you can pack a wide range of hunting clothing . We recommend light wool pants for maximum silence as this is the most important quality that hunters will need when stalking those huge BC bears. Camo is not required except for archery hunters. We also recommend soft soled leather boots for quiet stalks.

A fly or small spin cast rod is also recommended as the lake fishing at this time of year is unmatched anywhere on the continent. Rainbow trout ranging from 1 to 4 pounds will keep you busy during the mornings and early afternoon until your departure on your afternoon hunt. Waders and Float tubes will be provided but if you have your own gear please is sure to include this in you gear list.

CLOTHING                                               EQUIPMENT

WOOL OR FLEECE PANTS                                     ARCHERY 70LB

T-SHIRTS, long and short sleeved                                    100+ GRAIN BROADHEADS

PERSONAL GEAR                                                            BINOCULARS

SOFT SOLED LEATHER BOOTS                                    RIFLE

LIGHT WOOL OR FLEECE JACKET                        30 CAL UP TO 300 WIN MAG

HOUSE SLIPPERS                                                            180 GR BARNS X                                    BUG DOPE, HEAD NET                                                RANGE FINDER

A SLEEPING BAG NOT REQUIRED                        BLACKPOWDER-250 GRAIN                     2-38 QT COOLERs, If taking meat              Rain Gear (light)

If you are flying you can pack your gear                        Camera/video

In the coolers

The list is very basic. I find that most of the clothing and gear can be purchased at Sportsman’s Warehouse; they have locations throughout North America. However some items you can pick up at your local Thrift stores or Value Village locations. Hey, you don’t  have to shop at some of those other stores and pay hundreds of dollars on items you can pick up for $15 or $20 bucks or even less. I myself would rather spend my money going hunting, or putting gas in my truck for a day out scouting.

Light wool or fleece pants, I find Columbia Brand gear to be more than adequate and very inexpensive, you can find this at your local Sportsman Warehouse, or I often take a trip to Value Village to pick up light wool pants for $5 bucks and tee shirts as well. Same goes for the jackets.

Foot wear is another story, I find Rocky boots to be the most inexpensive boots to buy, soft soled  archery type boots for stalking those huge bruins in the spring is vital, running shoes work, or if archery hunting wool socks . QUIET & SILENCE is essential to harvest that 7 foot bear. Sportsman’s has a wide variety of inexpensive foot wear.

Weapons are a personal preference, but what I have listed in this gear list is the minimum that is required. I do not look forward to going after wounded bears, not even a little bit. When it comes to bears, I prefer “BIGGER IS BETTER”            Marlin makes the best Bear guns on the market and it is more fun to get close, 50 yards or under is fun. But like I said this is a personal preference.

OPTICS, enough said, good binos are the most important tool in the bag. This is the one item that can break the bank, or not. I find that there are so many optic companies out there today that often you will come home with nothing after a day of shopping for this particular tool. Of course you have Swarovski, Leica and Ziess if you have pockets full of cash, but for most of us we want something in the $500 to $800 dollar range, and for this I highly recommend “VORTEX OPTICS” They are fantastic and will perform as good as the any of the top 3 for less than half the price. Check these out the next time you visit you local Sportsman Warehouse.

Well this should get you started, have a safe trip and good hunting.

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9475 Nazko rd, Nazko BC

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