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Wolf Hunts

Since the reintroduction of the “Timber Wolf” in Montana and other parts of the United States. The devastation that they have caused to most of the Elk and mule deer herds has helped raised the interest to hunt for wolves ten fold. Hunters from around the continent and most European countries have now been wanting to find a place that concentrates solely on wolf hunts. The powers that be would like to have you believe that it was the Gray Wolf that was introduced to the US, but this is totally false. The wolves that were introduced were from Western Canada, and the behavior, color and most of all the actual size of these wolves prove that in fact they are Timber Wolves.
Itcha Mountain has always included wolf tags with their Fall hunts, and we even included them in our winter predator hunts which combined mountain lion, lynx, wolf, and coyote into an awesome 8-day hunt. However, if you want to be successful in harvesting wolves you must concentrate solely on that. We now offer a 5-Day hunt over bait for wolves and wolves alone! We run multiple bait sights and guarantee that the sights are active, we have shelter blinds on a few of those sights for those long cold winter days. There will be wolves, but hunters must be proficient in shots out to 450 yards.The range will vary from 250 to 450 yards but practicing at long range is a must for success. This hunt includes all the amenities of home, and you will get to harvest up to three wolves in 5-days.
Limited availability as winter is a busy time for us with other predator hunts to do as well.



Hunting wolf is done by long days in the blinds; they are not heated so you must dress warm.

  • Snow packs for boots -50 recommended.
  • Heavy coats, pants or coveralls.
  • Good warm head and hand gear.
  • Warm, warm and warmer clothing.

We travel into our bait stands via snowmobile, so you must be dressed for a short ride in 20 to 40 below weather, and then layer down for a couple of kilometer hike into the stand.


  • Camera, binos, flashlight.
  • Good reading materials.
  • Toe and hand warmers.
  • .22-250 or similar for long range 300 to 500 yard shots.
  • Sleeping bag not required

Have Any Questions?

Feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns. I’m here to help make your experience stress-free, so let’s keep communication open.

Hunt spots are limited

Experience the ultimate hunt of a lifetime with Itcha Mountain Outfitters! With our high standards and commitment to a successful hunt, you’re in good hands. Book now and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!