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Itcha Mtn Outfitters

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Please make all checks payable to Itcha Mountain Outfitters.

Send checks to :
Waterfront FCU
6419 Fauntleroy Wy SW
Seattle, WA 98136

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Welcome to Itcha Mountain Outfitters, the gear lists on our website will help to ensure your hunting trip with us will be one you will remember for years to come. Please keep in mind that we live day to day in the elements that Mother Nature has put in place for us, and the old saying “no such thing as bad weather just not being prepared for it” was never truer when it comes to hunting in British Columbia.

Be it the warm wet spring days hunting black bear, to the blistering cold in mid winter cat hunts, we want you to be prepared for everything you may encounter. It is a shame to have your trip turn into a disaster because not only did you not check out our gear list, but also failed to follow it. I have often had hunters that did not have the right clothing, they had some pretty fancy stuff, pricy as well, but the stuff was so noisy that a moose could hear us from a thousand yards away, and the hunter was wondering why he didn’t see anything at all let alone a moose.

It has come down to the point that if you do not bring the appropriate gear, we may not even hunt, a trip to town to get the right stuff might be in order.

We want you to be successful not only for you but it dose us no good if our hunters do not get what they came for. So please follow the gear list as close as you can, I will not send you out to buy hundreds of dollars worth of gear you may only use once, believe me when you see how reasonably priced practical gear is, and how good it works you will hunt in them every time anywhere.